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RAG Winter 2023

My song Surrender, written in 1997 while living in S. Portland, Maine, was originally bedroom-studio recorded in 1998, soon after relocating to St. Thomas.

It is one of the first all digital recordings I did on a computer, using Sonic Foundry's Vegas 1.0 audio software.

I originally released Surrender (Unwilling Mix) on my boutique label's namesake Heady Grits CD in 2002 but subsequently pulled it due to QC issues.

Re-recorded in 2021, Surrender received a much less electronic arrangement (find it in the Heady Grits Archives). They say you never forget your first time - as such, I am thrilled to make the original version available again with this brand new 25-Year Anniversary (!) mix.

RAG Summer 97

it's set and here's the bone
we'd like to be alone
so do me a favor
get the funk out of here

we've really got it tough
luck breaks up in the rough
guy's lost his mirror soul
shines black as miner's coal

unwilling to surrender

there's someone who's unsure
we like to think the cure
sits under clearer skies
butt's filled with empty lies

unwilling to surrender

are you avoiding me
it's plain to all who see
i'm ground up to the night
when all we'll do is fight

unwilling to surrender

© 1997 RAG

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